Product shoots on location in London

Had a fantastic time shooting for nookidesign in London the other day. A chilly day that had to be cut shorter due to failing light but very enjoyable and I am really pleased with the results. Though maybe the next shoot can be somewhere warmer? Caribbean anyone? 

Frame, camera hire and more bulbs

After a fair bit of sanding and painting I have the frame finished, the print is now fixed in there but can be removed if need to without damaging it. Really pleased with the result and how it turned out, will be much easier in future to put more frames together for display. 

I also had a fantastic time in Calumet Photographic in London the other day. Saw some beautiful gear and had a good chat with the staff. I hope to hire a Pentax 645Z at some point next year once the Vela has arrived for both the fastest shots with the highest resolution. 

This coming weekend I have another large shoot planned though, lightbulbs piled up and trying out a few new things. Just in time for Christmas! 


frame with print

Frames and flash

So my first frame is built and looks pretty good. I hope to use this to display the high speed photos. The goal was to design and build something that would be simple and add some depth, similar to a box frame but without the glass. I plan to order a print tomorrow, mounted on foamex, which can then be held into the frame with something. Will have to offer it up and see how it looks. 


I also got got pointed to a kick starter for high speed flash guns. Looks like a fantastic project and it passed its halfway funding goal in a day so felt I had better get involved. Would be fantastic to be able to get faster burst duration, even if there would be less light.  

Business Cards

Having settled on a URL I found it was time to get some business cards sorted. I have lacked them in many situations and must rectify that. Queue the discovery of moo, who did a fantastic job. Now to give these out at every opportunity. 


First print framed and in place!

First blog post and first print! After a lot of work my first print has been framed and delivered back to my first client. I provide the prints loose so the client can frame to their taste, in this instance it was framed to match to a number of other pieces. 20x40" c-type print in a limited issue of 10, looks really fantastic especially with the red wall. Big thanks to Will for letting me grab this photo! Check out the Performances section of the website for photos of his brilliant lighting work!